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Strategy Illustrated makes strategy visible

Context before content

Strategy Illustrated programs are layered.
Initially the focus is on socialising a high level framework or context. This keeps things very simple so it’s easy to bring people into the story and create alignment. The value of conversations at the context level cannot be overstated.

We encourage a disciplined approach to this introductory phase because it’s the basic operating language. Becoming fluent with the framework gives more people the confidence to join the conversation.

Accessing content through the visual

A more informed audience creates a greater demand for information.
Strategy Illustrated is 100% digital so your visual can be linked to your internal network. This allows a regular flow of strategy related information through a framework people have come to know and undertstand. It also makes the framework a single source of truth – when a document is updated it’s refreshed in the system and instantly made available to everyone.


Transferring skills to users

Getting people sharing their views is a way to leverage business intelligence. That’s high gain learning.
The key skill for leaders is to pose effective questions then stand back and let the dialogue build a shared understanding. If the conversation becomes unresourceful, pose another question to regain focus.
The ability to formulate and pose quality questions at the right time is a skill developed with practice. We help your chosen advocates get started.

Make your strategy visible

How to set up a platform for ongoing strategy engagement.

Create a customised visual framework that illustrates your strategy playing out over time

  • Elevates the viewer’s perspective to a point where the whole context can be observed. Shows the key components of your strategy and how they work together to deliver desired outcomes.
  • Creates a shared “big picture” mental model accessible to everyone, and easily recalled.

Use proven story structures to link strategic ideas together into a single narrative

  • Stories – with a beginning, middle and end  (or said another way), a call to action, a strategy and an outcome – using straightforward language to create links, assign meaning and focus attention.
  • This increases capacity for recall – it makes content memorable and more easily integrated into everyday business conversation.

Combine the visual and narrative with collaborative dialogue for a powerful engagement platform

  • The visual and narrative bring people into the story.
  • Collaborative dialogue gives more people a voice – leading to greater contribution from a broader range of employees and sets up a platform for ongoing engagement.

Trusted by leading organisations for 30 years

Helping Australia’s most prominent organisations develop highly-effective strategic engagement programs since 1992.

Rio Tinto

Lion Nathan

St George



Sydney Water

“I would like to congratulate you and your team on the way you organised the process we worked through together to create the illustration… I couldn’t have conceived that we would have built something as outstanding as we did… Without the assistance of your team we wouldn’t have been in the ball park.”

GM Corporate Affairs, Insurance Industry

“It was when we started to use the illustration that we began to realise its real power.”

Senior Executive, Airline Industry

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