Which perspective tells your story?

The right visual framework depends on where your organisation is in terms of strategy implementation and the environment in which you operate.


A powerful way to begin communicating a new strategic direction


This perspective can be very effective if your strategy is already in play


A point of view often used by organisations with a highly engaged workforce

“I would like to congratulate you and your team on the way you organised the process we worked through together to create the illustration… I couldn’t have conceived that we would have built something as outstanding as we did… Without the assistance of your team we wouldn’t have been in the ball park.”

GM Corporate Affairs, insurance industry

Trusted by leading organisations for 30 years

Helping Australia’s most prominent organisations develop highly effective strategic engagement programs since 1992.

Rio Tinto

Lion Nathan

St George



Sydney Water

Strategy Illustrated

For three decades we have worked with the senior leadership teams of Australia’s most respected organisations, turning complex strategies into simple and effective strategy engagement programs.

We are an uncommon blend of experienced business people and creative specialists combining business strategy, organisational change, and employee communication with a unique visual perspective.

We work collaboratively and intuitively with our clients in a proven process that changes the way strategy is communicated.

How to set up a platform for ongoing
strategy engagement

Create a customised visual framework that illustrates your strategy playing out over time

Use proven story structures to link strategic ideas together into a single narrative

Combine the visual and narrative with collaborative dialogue for a powerful engagement platform

Why is dialogue so important?

People can have varying views on what strategy is and what it means to them.

And these views may not align with the leadership team’s intended direction.

Collaborative dialogue facilitates group learning. It builds a shared understanding of the strategy and implicates everyone in its execution.

Strategy Illustrated is a platform for dialogue. It gives leaders and managers the ability to clearly articulate the strategy and is a means of bringing people into the story.

How is a strategy communication program developed?

Your leadership team are the authors of their own strategy illustration.

We facilitate the process and produce the deliverables.

Creative sessions are held at key points over the project term to ensure a robust and authentic visual model is realised.

Immersing leaders in this unique creative process and the dialogue it entails provides insight into how people will experience the materials and processes at the front line.

We focus on engagement

Strategy is one of those words that makes eyes glaze over.

Of course, it’s important to have a strategy, but the stats on effective execution are disturbingly poor.

At Strategy Illustrated, we believe a critical gap between failure and success is formed well before execution is underway.


Department of Defence

“I am writing to formally thank you for your accommodating and professional approach to your work on this project with Defence.  At our meeting, your willingness to work with us and understand our needs really stood out.

You continue to provide us with work of a high standard, demonstrate an understanding of renewal issues and demonstrate the ability to work with senior Defence teams.

The strength of this working relationship with you gives us confidence in your product and processes and we are looking forward to our continued work together over the coming months.”

Senior Official

Insurance Industry

“I would also like to congratulate you and your team on the way you organised the process we worked through together to create the illustration.

At the outset I knew we needed something. I could not have conceived that we would have built something as outstanding as we did together. Without the assistance of your team we would not have been in the ball park.”

GM Corporate Affairs

Airline Industry

“It was when we started to use the illustration that we began to realise it’s real power.”

Senior Executive

Financial Services Industry

“I have now used this process in two organizations and in both cases, the results have been stunning.

There are many benefits but probably the biggest I have found is the illustration gives everyone the same picture of the company’s future.

It is a wonderful way of communicating”


“I have now used this process in two organisations and in both cases the results have been stunning… It’s a wonderful way of communicating.”

CEO, financial services

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